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I recently discovered this new way to visit one of my favourite places : Royal Fontevraud Abbey near Saumur in the Loire Valley

The Liberty guide experience at Fontevraud Abbey
Liberty guide is an innovative new tourist guide for visiting heritage sights using a mobile phone and headset. Satellite tracking allows you to walk around and pick up a soundtrack connected to the spot you are in. No need to follow a specific route, hence the liberty element. Atmospheric sound effects such as a horse and carriage passing, bees buzzing in a monastery garden or music and conversations between historical characters tell you about the history of the place.

It's like being inside a film. You can see where you're at and get additional information at any time on your phone. The scenarios and soundtracks have been recorded by professional actors and sound teams. Liberty guide is being tested in the Medieval City of Le Mans and at the Royal Abbey of Fontevraud in Western France.

Find out more at the Liberty guide website and check out these articles online at the Springwise trendspotting website and PSFK.

Rédigé par Georgina Gensollen McDermott le Mardi 6 Septembre 2011 à 17:23